What are Instagram followers and likes for and how to increase their number?

What are Instagram followers and likes for and how to increase their number?

Have you ever logged into an ordinary, unremarkable IN or FB account, which for some reason has a huge number of subscribers? If at the same time you wondered how did they manage to gather such an audience, I will give you a hint: there is a lot of possibilities for that.

How and why do people get so many likes and followers on Instagram? That’s is the question! Each account has its own reason and method of operation. Let’s try to figure out why some people do this and what service they use.

Why do you need to boost likes and followers on Instagram

A lot of people simple buy likes and / or subscribers through sone special agencies, services or freelancers. Each account owner who decided to use such a promotion “trick” has his own reason for this. On my opinion, Thea are 3 main motives among dozens others:

  • They want to increase the “weight” of the account;
  • They want to achieve their personal ambitions;
  • They participate in a competition.

The account “weight”

Instagram promotion needs a lot of work and/or a huge advertising budget. Unfortunately, the time when it was possible to register an account with an original idea and quickly gather an audience, getting into the “popular” and blogs that need a news feed, has already passed . Today there are a lot of interesting accounts and news feeds and you have to work hard to attract people’s attention. However, accounts with a lot of followers still generate considerable interest.

When a person see any account which is new for him and sees that 20k people have already subscribed to it, has first thought is: “How have I not seen it before? And what is so interesting here for 20 thousand followers?” Almost nobody will look through all the photos, read the texts, calculate the ratio of the number of subscribers to the number of likes and comments under the photos. Most of  IN users will just flip through a couple of posts and if they are really good subscribe in an instant, so as not to lose and later examine this account more closely. It means that to get a lot of free instagram followers you have to inspire such an interest and their desire to subscribe.

I see that phenomenon like that. Fo most people the huge number of subscribers is social proof that says: “Look how many people already trust us and subscribe to me! Subscribe and you, I’m really great!”

By the way, recruiting followers on Instagram using organic methods can take months and months. Sometimes there is no time to wait. For example, you want to start promoting your Instagram or your personal brand and you are ready to arrange a media interview right now. Writing to journalists and presenting yourself is an exciting process, especially when you do it for the first time. You need to be absolutely confident in yourself and in your professionalism in order to be able to arouse interest in yourself with just one letter or telephone conversation.

Some of people lack such confidence and therefore they artificially “pump” their account so that when talking to a journalist, potential partner or client, they have something to present. This is roughly the same as a portfolio of projects you haven’t done yet, or an embellished resume for your first job.

Personal ambitions

Instagram is a young social network and its users are mostly young too. Remember how in childhood you argued with friends in the yard, who had more toys, who had more friends or gifts from Santa Claus. Since then, nothing has changed.

Many people post to social media photos of their luxurious vacation, new car, dishes from expensive restaurants with the only purpose – to boast. And the reason, why they want to have a huge number of followers or likes under their photos – to wipe their rival girlfriend’s nose or show off their colleagues (well, or classmates).

Participation in the competition

One of the options for choosing a winner in an Instagram contest is to get more likes than other participants. Whoever got the most likes under the photo won. So, if a participant cannot boast of a large support group or an ingenious contest photo, he can resort to boosting likes.

The contest hosts try to monitor the honesty of the participants, and the participants themselves already know that anything can happen during a competition of getting likes. Nevertheless, every tine in any contests with a set of likes, there are participants who will wind up these likes.

Dangers of cheating

From time to time, Instagram cleans up the network and deletes “dead” accounts. It is almost impossible to predict exactly when this will happen and how affect to your account. This means that it may well turn out that today you bought 5,000 subscribers, and tomorrow you are left with 500 followers.

When using any third-party services and applications to promote you Instagram, there is always a fear of getting banned. You use any third-party applications and services at your own risk. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this fear, it will always be. Mainly because Instagram does not have a loyal technical support and, in case of problems, it is almost impossible to find out exactly what was the reason for blocking the account. However, the most common reason for being banned is still spam.

Whether to use wrapping or not is a personal choice of everyone. For some, such an opportunity will save a lot of time and simplify work, but for others it is much more important to sleep peacefully at night and not to be at risk of losing tons of lovely pictures. Either way, I recommend to everyone – remember that Instagram is just a social network. And whatever happens with your account there, the real life is much more interesting and important.

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